If you LOVED the Business Buying Challenge then you’ll love this…

Introducing the Dealmaker Mentorship Program

90-day Mentorship Program
with Carl Allen

Proven system used by over 50+ students to buy a business with zero-cash down.

The Dealmaker Mentorship program is the program Carl wished he had when he started buying businesses after quitting his job.

Buy businesses using other people’s money for the first-time or bolt-on other businesses into your existing business.

If you want to help restart the economy in 2021 by acquiring and then growing a business then this is for you.

Strategically Designed Online Content Proven To Get Results

Access over 9+ modules with 93 videos that go more in-depth on how to buy a business with zero-cash down.

Each video is less than 45 minutes – optimized for a busy schedule.

Here’s An Overview of the Modules In The Program…
For your best chance to succeed in buying a business within 99 days using none of your own money, you need strength of mind — and that’s what this module gives you
Learn THE RIGHT businesses to search for
Create an avalanche of deal flow.
The steps to take before your first meeting with a seller.
How to analyze the numbers to determine if the business you’re looking at is worth making an offer on.
Create a compelling offer that is highly likely to be accepted by the seller.
The different types of deal financing and how to best use them.
How to hire lawyers and accountants to do all the due diligence for you… at no upfront cost!
What happens on the day of closing.
How to massively and quickly boost your cash flow once the deal is closed.

What My Students Have Said About My Training…

This is a program that absolutely has changed my life.

It’s changed my mindset and it’s changed my outlook on day-to-day business.

I spent 30 years in corporate life, working for many companies and reaching a certain point within a business, but was never a shareholder.

Then I came across Carl. That led me to invest in the program and I think that is the moment it changed my life.

My objective for 2021 is to go out and buy six businesses.

- John Evans

I’m Dr. Wes Parker. Several years back, I came across Carl Allen and Dealmaker Wealth Society.

I was looking for opportunities. And as you know, we are inundated with a roar of opportunities and noise. This one is the best one.

Just recently, I purchased a business with no money — a multimillion dollar company, a good company … been around 30 years — with absolutely not one penny out of my pocket.

Let me know if you join the program … I’d love to hear from you.

- Wes Parker

I was working in a corporate environment for a number of years, but chained to the desk, long hours, a lot of stress. Very quickly I hit burnout. And that’s when I stumbled onto Dealmaker Wealth Society.

Using the methods and the techniques inside that module was absolutely amazing. It was life-changing for me.

In 2020, I was able to purchase my first business. I bought 100% of that business, no money down, I didn’t use any of my own money.

I promise you, try the Dealmaker Wealth Society. It’s fantastic. It’s life-changing.

- Jacques Marx

Who Is The Dealmaker Mentorship For?

This is a good fit for you if…
Details for the 90 Day Refund Guarantee
Details for the Closer Refund Guarantee

Who is Carl Allen?

Carl Allen is an entrepreneur, investor and corporate dealmaker with more than 29 years of business-buying experience.

Carl has bought (and sold) more than 300 businesses, for both myself and multi billion-dollar companies.

In total, I’ve closed more than $47 billion — yes, BILLION with a B — worth of deals…

And today, Carl specializes in helping people master the art of dealmaking so they can acquire someone else’s business and finally become entrepreneurs.

Carl has appeared on podcasts with people like James Altucher, met Grant Cardone in-person, and can call Tai Lopez a friend.

He currently lives in Manchester, UK.

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