Smart Entrepreneurs Are BUYING Businesses Instead of Starting Them
“New Book With 20+ Business Buying Secrets Reveals...
How To Buy Any Small Business Making $10 Million or Less Using Other People’s Money…”


What’s The Secret Of Successful Entrepreneurs?

People like…

Elon Musk. Gary Vaynerchuk. Howard Schultz. Warren Buffet. Sam Walton.

What do they have in common?

They’ve all bought businesses!


They all realized that buying a business is the FASTEST path toward growing and scaling a business that serves millions of people.

And yet as potential entrepreneurs or business owners, we’ve always been…

Conditioned To START A Business From Scratch, Right?

Our school system has taught us if you want to be an entrepreneur then you need to start from scratch.

You’re constantly told to start a business, do a side hustle, or launch that e-commerce store.

But I think that’s the WRONG approach to starting a business.

Because starting a business suffers from what I call the “NO” problem.

You have…

NO product-market fit.

NO financial capital.

NO employees.

NO customers.

NO products.

NO relationships.

And THAT’s why 90% of businesses fail.

That’s why starting a business from scratch is the hard way to become an entrepreneur.

There’s too much RISK!

But what if you could turn all those NOs into YES’s?

By BUYING a business.

That’s what my book Business Buying Secrets helps you do!

Carl Allen
My Name Is Carl Allen, And I’m A Former Wall Street Banker

I’ve worked on transactions worth more than $48 billion, which includes over 300 deals in 17 countries, including mergers, acquisitions, and private equity.

In my 29-year career, I have analyzed thousands of companies, big and small, across nearly every business sector, including technology, pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer goods and services, business services, retail, professional services, finance, packaging, and clothing.

Point blank, I don’t think there is anyone out there today that lives, eats, and breathes buying businesses as much as me.

And I’ve condensed 29 years of my business buying experience in my new book called Business Buying Secrets.

Inside Of This New Book…Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover!

Inside of Business Buying Secrets, I will share with you 20+ secrets to help you buy a small business using other people’s money or as it’s known in Wall Street – a leveraged buyout.

Here’s a preview at what you’ll discover inside of your digital copy of this new book:

Section #1: The Right Mindset Before Buying A Business
Section #2: How To Leverage Seller Psychology To Buy The Right Business And Business Acquisition Metrics You Need To Know Before Talking To A Seller.
Section #3: My Proprietary 10-Step Business Acquisition Process To Buy Any Small Business Using Other People’s Money
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Here’s What Other People Are Saying About Me

“I have always studied acquisitions as I always saw it being the type of business I wanted to do. Coming across Carl’s program I finally was able to see the action steps to take so I could do it for myself without having to get a MBA. Even speaking with some friends who had MBA’s I was able to show them things they weren’t taught. If you dream of being a business owner and want to invest in a blueprint that will take you A-Z this would be it. I couldn’t thank Carl more for giving me the keys to change my life and give myself the freedom to make money no matter where I go in the world.”

— Nathan E., United States

“Working with Carl is amazing. His ability to cut through the noise of acquiring a business is masterful! I have enjoyed learning from him and adding businesses to my portfolio by three businesses in 2018 alone. 2019 is going to be even better!”

— Jonathon B., Panama City, FL

“Carl practices what he teaches and brings a wealth of experience to his program. He has an acute understanding of the importance of ‘mindset’ and works hard on this himself. He is constantly updating his thinking with broad reading and self-challenge. Carl is approachable, down to earth and available to his clients. He is open to new ideas on how he can add value and deliver better outcomes for those he works with. Above all else, Carl sets a great example for others by pursuing a clear and focused vision that delivers real value. I have no hesitation in recommending Carl.”

— Dr. Jeremy P., London, U.K.

“Carl continues to be an invaluable asset and mentor in our efforts to grow our business through corporate acquisitions. He has worked hand in hand with my business development manager to source potential candidates for acquisition, as well as working with my team to sift and sort through the potential candidates, to leading discussions with sellers and finally helping us to structure offer sheets and manage the resultant negotiations. You often hear it said that ‘Those that can, do. And those that can’t, teach’. Well Carl is the rare exception to this rule as he can definitely ‘do’ and ‘teach’.”

— Peter B., Ontario, Canada

These are only some of the many people that I’ve helped along in my entrepreneurial journey.
My Dream In Life Is To Build An Army of Dealmaker Entrepreneurs.
Will you be next?
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Bonus #1:
Finding The Right Business To Buy
The Perfect Dealmaking Triad Framework For Finding The Right Small Business To Buy
Total Value: $97

When you order my new book Business Buying Secrets from this page, you’ll instantly get access to one of my recent training webinars.

In this training, you’ll discover how to use my Perfect Dealmaking Triad to find the right business to buy.

I’ll also share how to find “unlisted” business deals and the exact script I’ve used in LinkedIn to talk to sellers.

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Bonus #2:
Wealth Creation Plan
How To Plan Your Wealth Creation Around Business Acquisitions
Total Value: $97

What’s your exit strategy when buying a business?

In this training, I share with you exactly how to build wealth through acquiring other small businesses.

I’ll answer questions like:

  • What’s the ideal target for a business acquisition.
  • How much money can you take out of a business after you buy it.
  • What price to set to sell your business in the future.
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Bonus #3:
Finding Businesses To Buy On BizBuySell
Find Leads In 15 Minutes using BizBuySell
Total Value: $97

When you order my new book Business Buying Secrets from this page, you’ll instantly get access to a 7-page guide on how to find businesses to buy on the most popular business broker website – BizBuySell.

I’m also going to walk you through five types of business sectors that are good for business acquisition deals using other people’s money.

Plus the five types of business sectors that you should avoid because the economics and profitability of the business don’t lend themselves to buying it with other people’s money.

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Bonus #4: Deal Review Analysis
LIVE Deal Review Call Recording
LIVE Deal Review Call Recording
Total Value: $97

This video is gold. Once you start getting deals, I’m sure you’ll have questions on how to evaluate if the acquisition deal is good or not.

In this video, you get a peak-behind-my-shoulders view on how I analyze deals so you can apply it to your OWN business acquisitions.

You’ll see me run the valuation model, and dissect in detail the good, bad, and ugly of a potential business acquisition deal.

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Bonus #5:
Deal Origination With A Virtual Assistant
The Secret to Finding Great Virtual Assistants
Total Value: $97

Business buying is all about leverage.

If you want to maximize the number of opportunities available to you then you need to build a solid funnel of potential acquisition deals.

Of course, you can do it yourself but what if you could leverage someone else’s time? You can with a virtual assistant.

In this 15 minute video, I’ll share with you how you can avoid burnout, and avoid missed business opportunities by onboarding a virtual assistant to help you with your business buying.

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And Here Is My Crazy Guarantee To You

Simply put, you’ll have a full 60 days to read Business Buying Secrets to see if it’s right for you.

At any point during that time, if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply email or call my team and they’ll give you a cheerful and immediate refund.

The best part…

I’ll even let you keep the digital book, and all the bonuses that go along with it.

So just to remind you…

Here's what you get when you order
Business Buying Secrets
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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you enjoy the book!


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