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My 29 years of my business buying experience condensed into a new book!

Discover how to use my Perfect Dealmaking Triad to find the right business to buy and how to find “unlisted” business deals.

What’s your exit strategy when buying a business? Learn how to build wealth through acquiring other small businesses.

Learn how to find businesses to buy on the most popular business broker website … Plus the five types of business sectors that you should avoid!

Learn how I analyze deals so you can apply it to your OWN business acquisitions and dissect in detail the good, bad, and ugly of a potential business acquisition deal.

This video teaches you how to maximize the number of opportunities in your deal funnel by onboarding a virtual assistant to help you with your business buying.

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YES! I’d also like to order the video training “Secrets Business Brokers Don’t Want You To Know” to my order (a $97 value) today for ONLY $37

If you don’t know how to work with a broker, you’ll most likely fail at closing a deal.

And as a former business broker, I spill all the secrets, tactics, and strategies brokers use so you can work with them effectively.

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