Application Step 7


7. Buying a business takes time. I’m not going to lie. So tell me, how much time are you willing to devote to learning the process each week?

Ivor Neckles| UK

“For several years now I had been wanting to learn about busying and selling businesses. When I saw Carl’s Business Buying Accelerator Coaching program early last year I had to test it. And it was a massive light bulb going off in my understanding. The materials themselves are excellent. However the delivery by Carl and his team really complements the materials. Carl’s experience and understanding of structuring deals in special purpose vehicles , structuring finance, explaining nuances of seller motivations and deal psychology just makes it all that much easier to absorb. When I first met Carl I did not understand how to buy or sell a business and could not really have effectively carried out such a trade. Now thanks to Carl I feel confident I have both understanding and capability to buy or sell a business effectively and in a professional manner. And I am not the kind of person to make such assertion lightly – quite the contrary. Carl has informed and educated me. Through Carl I have learnt several ways of finding sellers of businesses. Have understood the importance of seller motivation and psychology to the deal structure. Have understood how to approach and engage lawyers, accountants, and financiers at relevant stages of the deal. And begun to understand the intricacies of deal structure, balance sheet analysis, methods of deal valuation. Clearly I still have much to learn. But I have no hesitation in giving my strongest recommendation to Carl Allen for anything and everything related to buying and selling businesses.”

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